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Renewable Energy Credits

United States Renewable Energy Credits


8 November 2008

United States Renewable Energy Credits (US RECs) and United States Peak Renewable Energy Credits (US P-RECs) shall be directly issued to individual United States citizens, age sixteen (16) years or over, who are owners of certified renewable energy (RE) systems.         

US Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) and US Peak Renewable Energy Credits (P-RECs) shall be lawful tender for any and all claims of debt, public and private. 

One ($1) US Renewable Energy Credit (REC) represents twenty (20) kilowatt-hours (kWh) of certified renewable energy (RE) produced within the United States of America ($1 REC = 20 kWh RE). 

One ($1) US Peak Renewable Energy Credit (P-REC) represents ten (10) kilowatt-hours (kWh) of certified grid-tied peak-demand photovoltaic (PV) electricity produced within the United States of America ($1 P-REC = 10 kWh peak-demand RE). 

Certified renewable energy for US Renewable Energy Credit (REC and/or P-REC) shall be derived only from environmentally benign photovoltaic (PV) systems, grid-tied solar-thermal electric systems, grid-tied solar water heating systems, grid-tied wind power systems, grid-tied hydroelectric systems, grid-tied closed-loop geothermal systems, cellulosic ethanol and/or organic vegetable oil. 

Other than the Sun’s radiation, a minimum of ninety-five percent (95%) of physical natural resources, materials, components and/or labor time contributing toward US Renewable Energy Credit (REC and/or P-REC) shall be produced in the United States of America. 

The Treasury shall issue no more than three thousand ($3000) US Renewable Energy Credits (RECs and/or P-RECs) to each individual United States citizen, age sixteen (16) years or over, per month. 

US Renewable Energy Credit (REC and/or P-REC) shall be taxable at a total rate no higher than fifteen percent (15%) to be shared equally among the federal, state and municipal governments of the locations where the certified renewable energy is generated. 

US Renewable Energy Credit (REC and/or P-REC) shall be fully redeemable for any and all public or private claims of debt denominated in Federal Reserve Bank “dollars”, Bank of England “pounds”, Bank of Canada “dollars”, Reserve Bank of Australia “dollars”, Reserve Bank of New Zealand “dollars”, Swiss National Bank “francs”, European Central Bank “euros”, World Bank Group “SDRs” and/or any other central-bank currency. 

The real price of petro-banking – including military costs and replacement value, but excluding health and safety – is over $1 million ($1,000,000) Federal Reserve Bank debt per gallon.  Too expensive to burn? 

There is no shortage of energy, there’s just a shortage of common sense. 

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